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Convertor 123
Dawson Downie Lamont are pleased to offer this useful converter software to you completely free of charge. Convert 123 is our conversion calculator that will give you instant answers. Convert between many different units and measurements, including area, density, energy, flow rate, force, length, mass, weight, power, pressure, torque, temperature, time, velocity, viscosity, volume & more.

Instructions to install the software.

  1. Download the zip file containing the main file here.
  2. Once you have downloaded the zip file, unzip it to a suitable location and run the install file. The installation process will guide you from there.

We think you will find this an invaluable tool - enjoy.

Documents- click on a link below to view or download.

  1. The DDL Reciprocating Pumps Brochure - PDF format
  2. The DDL Steam Driven Pumps Brochure - PDF format
  3. Data sheet for Triplex Plunger Pump SP29 - PDF format
  4. Data sheet for Triplex Plunger Pump SP76 - PDF format
  5. Data sheet for Triplex Plunger Pump SP87 - PDF format
  6. Data sheet for Triplex Plunger Pump SP903 - PDF format
  7. BPMA Membership Certificate - PDF format

If you need help viewing PDF files you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) here.

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Hydraulic Institute
British Pump Manufacturers Association
American Petroleum Institute

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